The Covid-19 will have contributed to the explosion of teleworking, which was already in vogue in recent years. While most employers were sceptical about this practice, it is becoming more widespread and is likely to remain so for a long time.

THE BABEL COMMUNITY has understood this and is launching a flex-office workstation offer in its coworking space in Montpellier. So why choose to telework in a coworking space in Montpellier?

The telework explosion

Teleworking has been growing slowly in France until now. Nevertheless, it has become widespread during the confinement and has become a habit in the post-covid period.

According to Malakoff Humanis, 84% of employees who teleworked during the lockdown would like to continue this practice. Far from being an afterthought, teleworking has won over the French people for good! The advantages are numerous: gain in time and autonomy, increase in productivity, more responsibility in tasks…

In France, the majority of teleworkers work from home. Only 60% of them have suitable spaces for their work. While many thought that teleworking was very simple, it turned out over time that it was not always a smooth ride. Indeed, working from home has some shortcomings: isolation, unsuitable working environment, family distractions…

Coworking spaces are the perfect compromise. They offer both equipped spaces with dedicated services and events to strengthen your network and create links. In addition, they offer opportunities to share experiences while remaining autonomous in your work.

Our coworking offer in Montpellier

Do you telework 2 days a week and want to have a place to work? Do you regularly commute between your Paris headquarters and your Montpellier branch? You are an employer or HR and would like to offer your employees a flexible work space?

All our spaces have been designed for optimal teleworking! Fully equipped and functional workstations, common areas for resting and meeting with coworkers as well as services on demand. All this is available in one of the most beautiful areas of Montpellier, in Antigone.

The strengths of coworking

1. Workstations in coworking spaces: less distraction

Working in a coworking space allows you to have a more serene daily life. You are guaranteed a quiet workspace, telephone bubbles to call your clients, quality equipment, high-speed wifi… In addition, you find yourself in an environment in which everyone works. So it’s a better working environment.

Some people swear by multitasking, juggling housework between two calls… This is a real time-saver, so that you can relax at the end of the day. But wouldn’t it be better to replace these household breaks with coffee breaks to network with professionals from all walks of life or to launch new projects?

2. Services to make life easier and save time

At THE BABEL COMMUNITY Montpellier, our team makes sure that all coworkers feel at home. Need a meeting room to meet a client? Want to take part in a sports class during your lunch break? Want to domicile your business in the facility? Need a concierge service to make your life easier? Our team works hard every day to ensure that coworkers have the best possible experience and that the spaces meet their expectations.

The establishment also offers a catering service on site and to take away. For a business lunch or a healthy lunch on the go.

3. Modern and professional equipment

Depending on your business, you may need to meet with partners or clients on a regular basis. What could be more professional than a coworking space with common areas and meeting rooms to meet them? A closed office has a more professional tone than a café where you will often find yourself in a noisy environment with insufficient wifi.

Because yes, working in a coworking space also means having the guarantee of a good wifi connection with secure access. For the majority of tools, it is necessary to have an excellent quality fibre connection or you will be slowed down in your work. Gone are the days of the mediocre connection of the family box with its more than random performance!

At Babel, we have installed all the latest equipment to guarantee the well-being of our Montpellier coworkers:

4. An environment conducive to creativity

Coworking spaces offer many events throughout the week. These include talks on topical issues, meetings to answer coworkers’ questions and workshops to help them grow their projects. In addition to enriching the culture of employees and freelancers, these activities strengthen the networking between coworkers.

On the other hand, these coworking spaces are very often frequented by entrepreneurs, freelancers or self-employed people developing their ideas in full growth, so they can be inspired!

5. A community to network & exchange

Let’s face it, apart from your children, neighbours or the caretaker, you’re not likely to meet many people when you telework from home. When it becomes too daily, teleworking from home can have a considerable impact on your morale. Similarly, being detached from a work setting increases the risk of feel alienated by the lack of social interaction. In the long run, this can have an impact on your performance.

On the contrary, working in a coworking space means expanding your professional network and becoming part of an active community. For example, we organise events at The Babel Community (petanque afterwork, resident meet-up, zero-waste DIY workshop) to create a friendly atmosphere. Our restaurant space has also become a real meeting place where professionals can meet informally over a coffee.

In summary

Working in a coworking space means finding the comfort of home with services to make your life easier and a community to exchange between professionals. You are assured of good working conditions to be at your most productive and a well-being by having access to a vibrant community.

So, are you still hesitating?

Free electric shuttle service

We provide our customers with a free electric shuttle that picks you up on request at the docks and drops you off in less than 3 minutes in front of our residence.

Opening hours:
– Monday, 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
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Electric bike rental in Grenoble

The GRENOBLE metropolitan area offers bicycles for hire by the day or by the month (maximum 4 months).

Monthly rates (including maintenance): from €27 (€15 for under-25s) for a classic electric bike to €40 (€22/month for under-25s). We strongly recommend the VAE Montagne model.

Book your bike before you arrive and collect it directly from Grenoble station (open 7/7).